Printing without a raft

I was trying to print the above bracelet, designed by Pixil 3D, but unfortunately the semi-finished bracelet moved half-way. Perhaps this was caused by some plastic residue on the extruder nozzle, the second (unused) nozzle touching the print because of a mis-levelled platform or perhaps the kapton is becoming non-sticky. I cleaned the platform with car windscreen degreaser (denatured alcohol), after one more mis-print I was able to print the entire bracelet. Another solution I read about is to spray some extra strong hairspray on the platform: sticky when hot, quick to release the print when cool. The easiest solution is obviously to print a ‘raft’, a single-layer mat which you break off the build once it’s finished and which prevents it from moving.



Author: Maurice

Maurice is an Auckland-based IT professional and qualified graphic/web designer with a special interest in 3D printing.


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